Danny's Great Bear Auto


Auto Service in Weston; here is a trailer in front of their place.


suegottesman 1/08/2010 03:58:00 PM  

DGB was recommended to me. I called in advance and was quoted a range. Got to the place and was told an even higher price than that top end of the range I was told over the phone. Reminded them what they said on the phone, to which they responded that it would be the top end of the range (without even checking what it was they told me caused the difference in pricing (which required I bring the car out for them to "take a look"). I left the car there to be fixed knowing I was going to get ripped off. Got home and called Meineke to confirm that I could've taken it there for 30% less. I also went to their website to give feedback thinking it's the right thing to do so they have the chance to respond, but it's set up such that you get an error message when you hit submit (which i did several times) -hmmm...

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