November 13

Things I Wish I Knew Before I Got Invisalign

I’m more than halfway through my Invisalign treatment. I have 18 weeks left. Mine is a 7 month treatment in which I get a new set of Invisalign trays every 2 weeks for a total of 28 weeks or 14 sets of trays. What Freddy didn’t tell me until after I did my impressions and it was the day I would get my first tray is the following. I didn’t know that I would have these plastic balls on my front teeth that are basically stoppers for the Invisalign to align properly. That was a major blow to my self-esteem. I thought that since I could take off the trays any time, that I would be fine in the dating department.  


What I didn’t know was that I would have these plastic stoppers on my front teeth for the entire treatment. I’ve slowly gotten over it but I still feel a little ugly when I smile. Definitely when I’m wearing the Invisalign I don’t feel confident when I smile but I still don’t feel fully confident even when they’re off. Related to that, another problem is that I have to wear the trays at all times other than when I’m eating. The suggested wear time is 22 hours per day. He told me that I could take them off whenever I want, but then I would need to wear it for the same amount of time in addition to the 2 weeks already needed. The problem is that I still don’t feel that confident when they’re off because of the plastic balls and more importantly I want to get the treatment over with. There is a small amount of information on his website at but most of the Invisalign schooling is done in person once you commit to getting them. 


The biggest blow to my stomach figuratively speaking was when he told me I couldn’t drink hot coffee! You can’t drink any hot liquids at all but I am an avid coffee drinker especially being a Cuban. Coffee is my drug of choice and my guilty pleasure. Coffee is also a social thing for me that I like to do with friends and professionally. When I found out that I couldn’t drink hot coffee for 7 months I almost died again figuratively speaking. What I didn’t know was that I couldn’t drink hot liquid even with the Invisalign off. I thought that it was just that I couldn’t drink coffee because it would stain the trays. I thought I could just take them off and drink hot coffee but then I melted the plastic balls. I then realized that not only could I not drink coffee with the trays on, but I also couldn’t drink it without them on. Ever since then I have had to drink lukewarm coffee or iced coffee. Since I love caffeine so much and don’t really like iced coffee, I have kind of gotten used to it. I’ve drank coffee at the room temperature since that day and it’s pretty depressing.  


Another thing I didn’t consider was that if I wanted to keep the trays clean and not smell bad, I would basically have to brush my teeth, floss, and pick out any food from my teeth after everything I eat. Of course you can’t eat with the trays on. I never cared to much to chew gum although it has been my choice of maintaining fresh breath throughout the day. Since I can’t chew gum with the trays on, and every minute with the trays off is an extra minute with them on, that’s one thing I have chosen to give up. I’ll just wait until I finish my treatment to chew gum again, because it’s just not worth the extra time. I have taken off the trays for a few hours like when I have gone out drinking with friends but because I haven’t been chewing gum, I didn’t even think about it.  


In conclusion, I don’t regret getting Invisalign. I already feel and see my teeth getting straighter and having a perfect smile is more important to me in the long term than the short term embarrassment I have as a 24 year old single man. I know that it will pay off in the end.

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